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Biological parent

We support parents who have given or are considering giving their permission to adopt their child/children. We advise those parents via Internet, phone and psychological counselling. The main reasons why people turn to us are: what can be done when the parent is not capable of raising a child, how to give permission for giving the child up for adoption, is it mandatory to make the biological parent’s personal details accessible for the child.

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What does it mean giving your permission for adoption

When facing difficulties raising your a child and after considering every possible circumstance, you can give your permission for giving your child up for adoption. Parent’s permission to adopt does not come into force before two weeks after the child is born. Adoption application cannot be submitted to court before the biological parent’s permission has been confirmed. Though, meanwhile the child can be given to the adopter(s) for temporary care if the biological parent has given his/her permission.

Parent’s permission for adoption can be given to an identified or unidentified adopter. The rights of biological parent(s) will be taken away when the permission for adoption has given. From that moment on, the biological parent is no longer allowed to make personal contact with the child. In case the child will be without legal guardian after the rights of biological parent are taken away, the guardianship will be passed to the local government. After adoption, the biological parent is not allowed to get information on the child.

Counselling the parent who wants to give a child up for adoption

Local government is obligated to organise counselling for the parent who would like to give his/her permission for adoption. Besides, the local goverment must explain the parent his/her rights and obligations and the legal consequences of adoption.

A foundation Appreciate Life offers pregnancy counselling via phone and Internet. You can find the information here

Sharing parents’ personal details with the biological but adopted child

It is important for your child to get information on his/her biological parents but you are not obligated to share your personal details, neither meet with the child. You are safe with adoption secret that has a purpose of protecting the adopted child’s, biological parent’s and adopter’s personal or family life and avoiding unwanted intrusion and discrimination on child’s background or some other factor. Adoption secret includes all the information and documentation on pre-court activities and court investigation. It includes the fact of adoption which means that the child has been adopted or that the adopters have adopted the child or the biological parent/legal guardian has given the child up for adoption.