Lapsendamiskeskus Oma Pere

Become a partner

We offer businesses, funds and civilians an opportunity to support our activities that are all organised in order to help children without parental care and so that they could grow up in a safe environment. The environment can be created by preparing adopters to be parents.

If you wish to contribute in reaching our goals, we offer you a partnership contract. As a partner, you have a chance to support organisation’s activities and give your individual input to help children without parental care. As partners, we keep you posted by informational emails where we describe our activities and a spot in the supporters list on our home page

Every year, around 500 children are separated from their families and parents. According to October 2013, there are 1157 children in replacement homes. There is a big possibility that those children grow up and will have difficulties with being independent since they have never experienced the support of a family. They also have to take care of themselves suddenly and starting from an early age. Failing in being independent, the child brings along high costs a society member. Growing up in a family has to be preferred option for him/her, not being raised in a children home.

In order to sign a contract and become a partner, you can write us or call Aire Nurm, the executive manager of NGO Oma Pere. E-mail:; phone: 5645 9945.


From left to right: James Oates, Sigrid Petoffer, Margus Sardis, Helen Michaels, Annika Räim

Civilian supporters are Ela Lillemaa, Andrus Reinsoo ja Merlin Lee.

Corporate supporters are SEB Heategevusfond, Hasartmängumaksu nõukogu, Mölndal Second Hand (Rootsi) ja Heateo SA.

In order to coordinate adoption in a best way, we cooperate with local governments. In collaboration with The Ministry of Social Affairs we develop both pre- and post-services and the whole process of adoption. 

We have an international supporter and partner Swedish non-profit organisation Adoptionscentrum. British Embassy supports our international collaboration with similar units in England. 

Together with SEB Heategevusfondi, Õiguskantsleri, Eesti Lastekaitse Liidu, Eesti Lasterikaste Perede Liidu, Eesti Asenduskodu Töötajate Liidu and Dharmaga we give out such prize like tunnustusauhinda „Lastega ja lastele“.

We are grateful to

Göte Sennerstam, Hannes Tamjärv, Sirje Reinsoo (29.06.1953- 26.03.2014), Sven Jürgenson, Urve Toots, Triin Lumi, Beata Berens, Peep Vain, Argo Tammemäe, Annika-Mai Purje, Richard Snaith, Jane Snaith, Külli Pärnpuu-Kasemaa, Kirsti Mägi, Heli Suvi, Signe Riisalo, Jaan Aps, Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu, OÜ Catwees, Perekeskus Sina ja Mina, Hydroscand OÜ, Kääntämö OÜ, Põhjamaade ministrite nõukogu, Rahvusvahelise Lions Klubide Organisatsiooni Eesti Piirkond, Swedbank AS, Briti Eesti Kaubanduskoda ja Kripton OÜ.