Lapsendamiskeskus Oma Pere


In 2014 we advised 81 people.

As mentors we share our experience on replacement care and explain the adaption process when child becomes a family member and the problems that might arise during that period. We welcome both replacement families and child protection workers who face the situation of crisis while moving child into family.

You can either call or send and email in order to set up a meeting with the mentor. During the first meeting, the next steps of the process are agreed on.

For a consultation in English you can contact either Enel or Eero Kotli.



Enel Kotli

Contact: 5667 8778,

I am a mother, an adopter, both a biological and a replacement parent. I am a wife, a supervisor, a student, a colleague, a friend and a child. These are my different roles. My main role today is to be a mother of a big family. As a mother, I have experience with different stories of children moving to the family and growing up. Being a parent is not an easy thing. We are not born as good parents, we grow to be good parents. The growing process goes hand in hand with children.

There is a legend about how wisdom is inside us. I can be there for you as a chaperon on the path of discovering your inner virtues.



Kirsti Mägi

Contact: 5552 6358,

I have nine years of invaluable experience in supervising custodial parents and adopters. Every day we experience something that could teach us, support us and help us in finding answers to different questions. We only need to identify those moments.

I am glad if I can be there for listening, finding the answers, encouraging and help you through my own experience.


Sigrid Petoffer

Contact: 5645 9945,

When a child/children are taken away from the biological family, they need a new family. Mothers and fathers who would like ro raise someone else’s children, have to be prepared for it. Everyone, the child, biological parents and the new family need understanding and support when adoption comes to life.

I am a mother of two grown-up children and a support person for one young grown-up. As a mentor, I am there for you to


Riine Latserus


I believe that everyone needs a supporting companion. I know that there is a solution for every problem. I have two grown-up children whose love inspires me to share my experience and knowledge.


Eero Kotli

Contact: 501 6464,

I am a father of seven children out of whom for only one I am a birth parent. My fatherhood includes many forms such as being a biological father, a stepfather, an adopter, a replacement parent and a grandfather. As a grandfather I can feel how children and the time spent with them are now more conscious. Giving safety and secured feeling to children does not take effort, it is an intentional need. Love for children makes grown-ups happy and the love you get for return is the best reward.

I believe I can engage with important topics when it comes to moving a child into family. I also can help with my experience on the adaption issues of a child as well as finding solutions.