Lapsendamiskeskus Oma Pere

Internet counselling

In 2014 we answered 283 questions.

Via Internet counselling service, you can get relevant advice on replacement topic in up to three working days. We mainly answer questions concerning adoption but we can also advise you on problems that are arisen when the child is on foster care.

Internet counsellors work as volunteers.

Maili Mark solicitor
Jaanika Käst child protection worker
Harry Gustavson replacement home manager
Sigrid Petoffer Oma Pere executive manager
Maie Salum psychologist
Maite-Margit Kotta adopter
Külli Pärnpuu Kasemaa adoptee

In order to send in your question, you have to fill in all the fields. The executive manager receives your question and answers herself or passes it to a specialist in a certain field. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

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