Lapsendamiskeskus Oma Pere

Group counselling and supervision

In 2014 we organised 45 group counselling and supervision sessions with 363 participants.

Our group counselling is a tool to get new skills and shared knowledge and the support of other group members. We discuss on topics such as adaption of a child and parents, assessing child’s needs, telling a child about his/her background etc. We welcome families who raise a child/children who are adopted, under custody or on foster care. We organise group counselling sessions also in Russian and English.

Group counselling and supervision sessions’ length is 4 academic hours (180 minutes). The participation fee is 1 euro that can be paid on spot or via transfer to NPO Oma Pere account EE252200221040060504. It is necessary to register before. Choose a suitable topic, time and place on our calendar.