Lapsendamiskeskus Oma Pere

Family evaluation

In 2014, 64 family evaluations were conducted.

According to Family law, an adopter candidate is obligated to pass family evaluation that based on the law is a duty of local government’s clerk and therefore is free for family. Court also takes NPO Oma Pere family evaluation under consideration when making the final decision. Though, this one is not free. Adopters who till now have shown interest for an extra evaluation are better at recognising their opportunities.

The cost of the family evaluation is 200 euros, both income tax and social tax included.

Family evaluation comes in two stages:

Stage I: meeting and conducting an interview with the family at their home. Every memeber of the family, who will be living with the child has to be present at the time, also granparents in case they live with the family. The interview takes up to 4-5 hours, sometimes longer.

Stage II: the analysis of the gathered information and writing an evaluation. As a result, a document is put together which is added to adopter’s case and analysed by the specialist who is familiar with the particular case and the judge who confirms the evaluation.

The conducters of family evaluation


Viiu Orgmets

Contact: 552 3847,

During family evaluation we not only acquaint ourselves to family’s capability to raise someone else’s child but also help to find answers to questions that have arisen during the adoption process. I have conducted family evaluations for over 15 years and have seen over 300 adopting families at their homes. By now, in most of these families live happy and good children and the new parents can feel the joy of parenthood. I myself have the experience of raising foster children. I am delighted that I can contribute in the process of pairing up children without parents and the parents who wish to have children.


Maie Salum

Contact: 508 3337,

When children are happy, parents are happy as well- it makes a happy family. During my work experience as psychologist, I have seen sad children too.

I have been working with families over 20 years both as a psychologist and a counsellor. I have supervised foster families for 11 years and conducted family evaluations for 7 years. Family meetings naturally grow into session of exchanging thoughts built upon trust during which families tell me about their strenghts and also share their concerns and doubts. I as a specialist try my best to answer those questions. Family evaluation is a result of contribution by both parties. Many families keep contact for years- share their joy and concerns. It tends to be that happiness overweights problems.

My past experience in children shelter, in children home and SOS children village have given me knowledge and wisdom what children without parental care feel and need, also what they dream about. This wisdome is what I can share with the families I meet.

Things that families come across have somehow been in my life as well or been experienced in my relationships with my parents and close people. All that helps me to understand and support the families who I respect and of whom I care about.

In my family, 2 children have grown up, a son and a daughter and 6 grandchildren.