Lapsendamiskeskus Oma Pere


We support and represent parents who raise someone else’s child. We own a long experience in the field of replacement care mainly focusing on adoption. Every year, around 1000 families get support through our activities and services. Among them are families who raise adopted children, have children under custody or children on a replacement care.

About 1000 children in Estonia live in adoption families, around 300 families wish to adopt and approximately 3500 adopted children live their own lives as grown-ups. That makes thousands of Estonians personally involved with adoption. Even though our bigger goal is helping children without parental care, then on a daily basis, we mainly support the parents.

In order to communicate the public, we organise conferences, cooperate with universities and child protection organisations. We share our views in media and organise campaigns.

We have a role to continuously enhance adoption process. We have both given our share to the adoption chapter in family law as well as to the core analysis of replacement care concept. We have published handbooks, directives and a book “Life for Living” in which adoption stories of 13 families are retold.

NPO Oma Pere is the only organisation in Estonia representing adopting families. We have 161 members and 228 supporting members. Our organisation is run by a board of 9 members and an executive director. In order to enliven discussion on different topics, we gather work groups and for execution we involve volunteers. In our work we value openness, professionalism and trust.